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Ben Gotschall for NPPD

New Energy for Nebraska

Ben Gotschall is running for for Nebraska Public Power District, Subdivision 1. Let's work together to put the Public back in Public Power!

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Meet Ben

Put the Public back in Public Power

Ben was born and raised on a cattle ranch in the Sandhills of Holt County, Nebraska, and has worked in agriculture his whole life. He has lived in the Raymond area for 7 years, raising cattle and producing beef and dairy products for local markets since 2007. He’s a young farmer and independent businessman who supplies food for local families, stores and restaurants.

Ben understands the importance of energy in creating a strong local economy and has shown his commitment to protecting Nebraska’s land, water and property rights by helping to lead the fight against the Keystone XL pipeline.

He’s worked with landowners across the state on the intersection between property rights and energy issues. And he’s not been afraid to ask tough, common-sense questions to NPPD board and staff in the past.